Working With Wanda

Working With Wanda, Part 1

This month, I took on a new student, Wanda, a singer-songwriter who is ready to learn all about recording her original music. We’re using lots of technology to help us – which I’ll talk about below – but the real connection is between teacher and student and that’s what I want to focus on in this post.

In 1886, Mabel Collins wrote, “For when the disciple is ready the Master is ready also”. This remark has been inaccurately attributed to Buddha, but regardless of the speaker, it’s a well-known truism that the student usually seeks the teacher when they’re excited to dive into new learning. And Wanda sure is brimming with excitement!

Great students treat learning like a new adventure. They might have some fears or inhibitions about the material or their abilities, but they generally understand that the learning curve will work itself out in the end.

Okay. Back to the student…

Wanda is reorganizing her creative life to accommodate her desire to play and sing music at her church. She came to me through and we’ve already begun bonding after two lessons.

Wanda’s goal is to be able to record musical and vocal tracks to back up her live performances at her church. She’s already playing for services, but she’s decided that she wants a bigger sound and she’s prepared to do the work to learn the not-so-easy technology associated with music.

I think any adult who takes on new learning challenges is very cool, so I’ve set my sights on a 10-week plan to get Wanda up and running.

Check back for Part 2 and I’ll let you know how it’s going!

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