Laugh More, Stress Less

Laugh More, Stress Less

Reclaiming Childlike Joy in a Stressful World

Stress is everywhere, but mostly in our own bodies. So how do we remove it so that we can live more joyfully?

Continuing their focus on nutrition, wellness and mindfulness, Beth & Scott present, Laugh More, Stress Less, an interactive, exercise workshop (20-50 children, max) that will help your staff and children experience the benefits that laughter can bring to the body.

Laughter does not have to be the result of comedy or jokes. In fact, the body does not know the difference between real and fakes laughter! In both cases, a deep belly laugh is oxygenating the blood, encouraging muscle relaxation and the release of pleasurable hormones. The result? We receive the psychological and physical benefits of cardiovascular exercise while having fun!

Laugh More, Stress Less takes participants on a journey that begins with deep breathing and simple movements. Within minutes, the room becomes filled with a joyous sound (laughter) that rides on the breath and, not surprisingly, begin to encourage people to laugh even more.  Next, Beth & Scott provide theatrical vignettes (e.g. making a laughter milkshake or putting on laughter cream) followed by exercises that put people in dyads and small groups where they can laugh together. The joy becomes contagious!

Beth and Scott are committed to sharing the practice so that schools, camps, children and adults can reclaim the childlike joy that helps eliminate stress in the body.

Beth and Scott Bierko are trained Laughter Yoga Leaders, steeped in the tradition of Dr. Madan Kataria who invented the practice in Mumbai, India in 1995.

To arrange a booking or contact us for more information, click here or call (800) 364-5381.

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