I Can: The Grit and Growth Mindset Show

I Can: The Grit & Growth Mindset Show

Developing Passionate, Lifelong Learners

Successful people in all walks of life make their mark not by being born great, but by becoming great through grit and cultivating a growth mindset. They developed an “I Can” philosophy applying effort, intensity and self-compassion to achieve their goals.

In this program, the Bierkos will inspire students to takeaway these four things:

• You Can Do Hard Things!(Author, Helen Keller knew that)

• We Need to Be Strategic Thinkers!(Coach, John Wooden knew that)

• Mistakes are Our Teachers!(Inventor, Thomas Edison knew that)

• Focus on One Thing at a Time!(Musician, Itzhak Perlman knew that)

Throughout the program, the students will learn simple, fun songs and accompanying movements to help them embody and learn the concepts. Additionally, they will hear and participate in stories that will illustrate a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

The result: Beth & Scott give everyone in the audience permission to unlock their potential and every teacher some wonderful ideas to show them the way!

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Dr. Maya Angelou, Poet, Singer and Activist

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