Do the Right Thing!

Do the Right Thing!

Songs for Growing Up Strong

Searching for a social emotional learning (SEL) program that will help older students deal with important issues like peer pressure, gossiping and cyber bullying? Then look no further than Do the Right Thing! a cultural arts program that may just be your most important school assembly this year.

Beth & Scott, parents of two grown daughters, help EVERYONE understand that it’s important to talk things out, treat others with respect, show gratitude and be courageous when they see injustice. And DTRT is not just for children! We all need some help - caring for our minds and bodies and being brave enough to follow our hearts.

It's not easy to be a better person, but with the tools that Beth & Scott, two mindfulness teachers and longtime character education experts, offer - all ages will have a better chance to offer their gifts in a world that so desperately needs us to "do the right thing".

Like all of their concerts and school assemblies, the Bierkos use dynamic music, humor and lots of on-stage participation to make it engaging, inspiring, entertaining – and fun! Pair it with The Golden Rule Show for younger students and your school will certainly become a more peaceful place!

Do the Right Thing Study Guide PDF


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