The John Lennon Real Love Project

The John Lennon Real Love Project for Elementary & Middle Schools

Your Students Can Write and Record with John Lennon

The John Lennon Real Love Project program is provided to elementary and middle schools in association with Theatre Within. It is a 1-2 day program that includes two parts: first, a video presentation about Lennon's life, musical influences, time with the Beatles as well as his solo career and family life with Yoko Ono. Second, it's a songwriting program where the students will co-write new lyrics for Lennon's song, "Real Love," and then record a new version along with John Lennon's original piano and vocal track. There is no other program of its kind!

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After the program is completed, a video chronicling the experience is made and posted on the John Lennon Tribute YouTube channel on social media. See a sample HERE.

The program is currently offered to 4th through 8th grades and is generally done with four groups of up to 25 students. In this program, your students will...

  • Learn about Lennon's highest values of peace, kindness, love and equality
  • View a presentation that confirms the important musical contributions of African American artists
  • Work with professional songwriters to create new lyrics to "Real Love"
  • Learn how songs can influence and advocate for important ideas to better society
  • Rehearse and record a song that will eventually become a music video
  • Have the ability to share their work and perform it at school wide events

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