0013 Singable Stories – July 6, 2020 (3:00pm)

An Online Concert Event

Singable Stories from Around the World

  • This is a LIVE event
  • July 6, 2020, 3:00pm - 3:45pm Eastern Time
  • Invoice and access code will be sent via email. No need to pay now.


Join Beth & Scott for a cultural arts program featuring a collection of funny and touching original songs adapted from children's books and folktales from different countries.

Performed in front of a hand-painted map of the world, this live concert encourages reading, an appreciation of diverse cultures and knowledge of world geography.

Countries/cultures covered include: India, China, Native Americans, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland and more!

Students become active participants in their own learning as they sing along, act out songs, respond to questions and ask some of their own.

Woodhoopoe Willie

Program outline

  1. The program begins with the opening song, “Come Along With Me”, inviting participants to travel in their mind's eye and with books.
  2. Introduce map and discuss the joy and importance of reading and learning about world cultures - including our own.
  3. Enjoy age-appropriate Singable Stories from various cultures.
  4. Show the location on the map of where each story originated.
  5. Encourage reading more folktales, looking for moral of the story.
  6. Q&A

Cost: $395 per Live Concert (unlimited classrooms/connections). Add $100 for two weeks of unlimited replays.

Age Appropriateness: Grades K-6

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