“Watching Beth & Scott work with children is like watching two master teachers. They command attention by modeling respect – a rare trait.” Carol Burton, Congers Elem. School, Congers, NY

“Thanks so much to the talents of Scott and Beth and all of the classes of teachers and students that participated … As a family involved in the community we live in, we are so very thankful for those that continue to nourish and explore education through experiential and creative means.” Julie Overskei, Parent at Oakside School, Peekskill, NY

“I just finished listening to the recording of “Safe, Respectful, and Responsible”, and I got tears in my eyes. The children sounded so good! Thank you so much for making this all possible. They are so excited to have this song! They will never ever forget the experience of helping to write the song, learning it, and then recording it. I have played the video for them that was taken during their recording session, and they can’t get enough of it. As soon as I stop the video, they want to hear it again! I am going to put the song on my eboard so they can hear the song, and I hope that many of them have purchased the CD so they can have it at home as well. It is truly a keepsake that they will always treasure.” Luella Pinelli, Music Teacher, Oakwaood Primary School, Huntington, NY

“I have been a fan of Beth and Scott for many years and I can honestly say that they are the REAL DEAL!!! I’m thrilled that they have released this DVD containing the wonderful live show that they have been sharing with audiences acrossthe country! Great hearts; Great voices; Great fun, for everyone!” Tony James, Walt Disney’s “Out of the Box”

“Beth & Scott should be on Broadway!”Brenda Carter, Librarian, Center Moriches Library, Long Island, NY

“Infectious! The house rocks every time Beth & Scott are here.”Patrick Reinhart, 
Walt Whitman CC, Camden, NJ

“Never have we had so many wonderful, positive comments about a performance as we did for Beth & Scott. They had the children entranced!”Marily Margolis, Head of Children’s Services, 
West Hempstead Public Library, West Hempstead, NY

“Watching the students’ enthusiastic faces, we knew we made the right choice for our assembly program in Beth & Scott.”Lori Goldman-Long, PARP Committee Chairperson, Abbey Lane Elem. School, Levittown, NY

“Beth & Scott are the real deal! They are performers and educators who really connect with children.” Paul Graf, Principal, Smithtown Elem. School, Smithtown, NY

“Not only was your performance superb, it was also one of the most professional presentations we’ve ever had.” Judy Weiss, PTA Rep., Flanders Elem. School, Flanders, NJ

“Beth & Scott really made our rafters ring with song!” Patricia Parker, Valley Cottage Library, Valley Cottage, NY

“Your musical involvement and interaction allowed our children to become ‘stars’ for a moment.” Beverly Brooks, Executive Director, The Center for Children & Families, Inc., Jamaica, NY

“The children were completely engaged with the folktales you brought to life.”Dawn Lavelle, Arts-in Education Committee Chairperson, Smithtown Elem. School, Smithtown, NY

“Beth & Scott’s love of music and children are evident in all aspects of the program.”Linda Hyman, PTA Rep., Pines Elem. School, Hauppauge, NY

“Beth & Scott have a unique ability to successfully integrate reading, music, acting and fun. They are truly talented professionals.”Joan Moran, Teacher, Hampton Bays, NY 

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