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Mindfulness Matters

Building Focus, Self-Care and Kindness

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Are your students facing these challenges:

  • Focusing on school work
  • Following directions
  • Managing emotions
  • Remaining calm
  • Being kind to others

Mindfulness is the learned ability to pay attention to one thing. It’s hard for kids because they are faced with a world of powerful distractions and no one has taught them HOW to pay attention…until now!

Beth & Scott's Mindfulness Matters is K-6 assembly program that uses music, humor, movement and lots of practice to teach students and teachers how to :

S – Stop for a moment
T – Take a breath or two
O – Observe your surroundings and your body
P – Pick the best choice and proceed

Mindfulness Matters helps to identify and work with emotions, improves listening and seeing, and teaches how to move and choose with purpose. Mindfulness Matters is designed to be taken back into the home, after-school activities or playtime right away, so you can see immediate improvement in your students.

Frozen in Fear

Program outline

  1. The program begins with the song "In the Present Moment" (for 2nd grade and up) or Hap Palmer's "Put Your Hands Up in the Air" (preK-1st) to establish presence and good listening
  2. The children are taught about breath using the Breath Ball, Mindfulness Jar and STOP (an acronym for Stop, Take a Breath, Observe, and Proceed).
  3. Children are introduced to a single point of focus using their senses
  4. One of the main obstacles to mindfulness, fear, is introduced through "Frozen in Fear" a song by Beth & Scott and kids from Greenwich, CT.
  5. An interactive movement song, is offered to provide a fun release and to show how movement can help shift our mood and mindset.
  6. More mindful breathing
  7. Next is another song written with children, "Focus on One Thing", to help the audience use breathing as a tool for finding calm attention.
  8. "Hey, Little Ant" and "Be Kind", two theatrical songs, offered to show how we can use mindfulness to access kindness.
  9. More mindful breathing
  10. Finally, a mindful movement song to create mindful bodies and minds
  11. Q and A

Cost: $395 per Live Concert (unlimited classrooms/connections). Add $100 for two weeks of unlimited replays.

Age Appropriateness: Grades K-6

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