We Can 

Make Our Sentences Sing!

An engaging workshop program to help elementary students learn the basics of clear and expressive writing.

Are your students behind in their writing skills due to the pandemic? Are they having trouble forming coherent sentences? Do they lack an understanding of the basics of good grammar?  And is everyone frustrated?

Our program, We Can Make Our Sentences Sing, will help your students become better writers by making the learning fun!

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How will 

We Can Make Our Sentences Sing 

help my students?

1. We Listen To Your Staff

Once you have selected participating grades for the We Can Make Our Sentences Sing program, we schedule a 30-minute meeting with your teachers and/or reading specialists. Together, we develop a plan that includes assessments, goals and an ideal number of classroom visits.

2. We Meet Your Students

In every session, we bring music, humor and warmth to the classroom. We create a highly-engaging, multi-sensory experience for all students using songs, games, movement and mindfulness. With our method, students gain confidence sharing their ideas verbally and transition to writing complete sentences using:

  • Correct Capitalization
  • Appropriate Punctuation
  • Subject and Verb Agreement
  • and Rich, Engaging Vocabulary

3. We Stay Connected

We engage your staff during the sessions, encouraging participation and feedback throughout our stay.

We encourage teachers, administrators and other staff to take part in a leave-behind music video (see above).

At the end of the program, we meet with your teachers and/or reading specialists to assess the program's effectiveness and suggest next steps for your students' ongoing development.

What Clients Say About Us

Director of Arts 

Freeport School District

Ruth Breidenbach

Brava Beth and Scott for empowering our students and staff. We appreciate the engaging experiences of reflection, creativity, and mindfulness and music education at a time when we needed it most.


Archer Street School

Paula Lein

There is a complete ELA component to what they offer: whether it's a writing program or an assembly.  I think if I ever said, “We’re not going to have Beth and Scott at our school this year”, they would get rid of me as a principal.

Executive Artistic Director

Theatre Within

Joe Raiola

Beth and Scott are master teachers in-person and online. They inspire creative expression, respectful collaboration and critical thinking — all while having fun! I encourage schools to hire Beth & Scott.

Former Principal

Brookside E.S.

Dr. Kenneth Levy

When Beth and Scott come into your building it’s as if they’ve been in your building for a long time. They quickly pick up on the culture. They quickly pick up on the needs. And they quickly become part of that community.


North Bellmore, NY

Teri DeVito

Beth and Scott are very concerned about what the children are going to walk away with. They make sure that the children are gaining some knowledge that they can apply not just in school, but in their lives.


Archer Street School

Nancy Goldstein

Their programs are beneficial to all types of children. From children in the general education setting to children who have special needs, Beth and Scott come in and they just know what to do. We love them!

Beth & Scott's Adventure

Beginning February 2021, we are on the move!

After living and working in the New York area for 30 years, we have purchased a truck and an RV and set a course to spread some joy across the USA.

Our plan is to travel throughout the country providing arts-in-education programs for children, yoga classes for adults and music from Scott's new CD, "Create Without Caution". 

Discover Beth's live, virtual classes at bethbierko.com and her collection of recorded classes at bethbierko.vhx.tv

Learn more about Beth & Scott's assemblies, workshops and other offerings for children at bethandscott.net.

Listen to Beth & Scott sing at scottbierko.com.

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We Can Make Our Sentences Sing!

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