Introducing Beth & Scott - teaching artists specializing in  assemblies and workshops

Since 1993, Beth and Scott have been creating and performing, recording and evolving into one of the most sought-after acts in the Arts-in-Education field.

Whether it's an online SEL concert to kickoff the school year or writing songs about kindness with the John Lennon Real Love Songwriting Project,  Beth & Scott will WOW your students, support your learning goals and provide a top-notch program at a reasonable price!

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What Clients Say About Us

Director of Arts 

Freeport School District

Ruth Breidenbach

Brava Beth and Scott for empowering our students and staff. We appreciate the engaging experiences of reflection, creativity, and mindfulness and music education at a time when we needed it most.


Archer Street School

Paula Lein

There is a complete ELA component to what they offer: the pre-writing, writing, editing, and poetry. It’s more than just writing music. I think if I ever said, “We’re not going to have a Beth and Scott show”, they would get rid of me as a principal.

Executive Artistic Director

Theatre Within

Joe Raiola

Beth and Scott Bierko are master music and songwriting teachers

in-person and online. 

They inspire creative expression, respectful collaboration and critical thinking — all while having fun!

Former Principal

Brookside E.S.

Dr. Kenneth Levy

When Beth and Scott Come into your building it’s as if they’ve been in your building for a long time. They quickly pick up on the culture. They quickly pick up on the needs. And they quickly become part of that community.


North Bellmore, NY

Teri DeVito

Beth and Scott are very concerned about what the children are going to walk away with. They make sure that the children are gaining some knowledge that they can apply in their lives.


Archer Street School

Nancy Goldstein

Their program is beneficial to all types of children from children in the general education setting to children who have special needs. Beth and Scott come in and they just know what to do.

Let's Make Online Work!

Although Beth & Scott enjoy performing live, they have developed innovative, online programs that enable students to receive highly-personalized, interactive attention.

Beth & Scott achieve great results by creating a safe and effective learning environment. As a duo, their teaching style is highly effective and they are also proficient at co-leading with your teachers. 

In addition to their musical career, Beth is a sought-after yoga teacher and both of the Bierkos facilitate online, accountability program for adults - an important skill set for helping students become accountable online, too.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Citizenship for Educators

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Since 1993