0014 Do the Right Thing – April 9, 2020 (10:30am)

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Do the Right Thing!

  • This is a LIVE event
  • April 9, 2020, 10:30am - 11:15am Eastern Time
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Songs for Growing Up Strong

Searching for a social emotional learning (SEL) program that will help older students deal with peer pressure, gossiping and bullying? And do you want to help them make wise choices?

Then look no further than Do the Right Thing! a cultural arts program like no other. Beth & Scott, help kids to understand that it’s important to talk things out, treat others with respect, show gratitude and be courageous when they see injustice.

Like all of their programs, the Bierkos use dynamic music, humor and lots of participation to make it engaging, inspiring, entertaining – and fun!

Pair it with The Golden Rule Show for younger students and your school will certainly become a more peaceful place!

Stop bullying

Courage, by Bob Blue

Program outline

  1. The program begins with an original poem about making choices and the rock song, "Do the Right Thing", by Beth & Scott
  2. A song called "Person Next To You" by Uncle Ruthie Buell invites a fun way to reach out to others and build community.
  3. Children learn how to settle and center themselves with some yoga and a song called "Earthly Lullabye" by Kathy Lowe.
  4. "Make Your Own Style" is a song about self esteem and making individual choices without being influenced by peer pressure.
  5. Children learn about anti-bullying via "Hey, Little Ant" a Phil and Hannah Hoose song dramatized by Beth & Scott.
  6. Children learn about the power of words and social media via "G.O.S.S.I.P.I.N.G," a powerful Beth & Scott song that is followed by a discussion about cyber-bullying.
  7. A beautiful song called "Courage" by Bob Blue shares how children can make brave, heart-centered choices even when those around them are behaving badly.
  8. Final song teaches how choosing to do the right thing can help us and those around us.
  9. Q and A

Cost: $395 for a Live Concert (unlimited classrooms/connections). Add $100 for two weeks of unlimited replays.

Age Appropriateness: 3rd -6th Grade

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