Celebrate Diversability

Celebrate Diversability

Teaching Tolerance and Respecting Differences

Through the use of stories and songs, Beth & Scott  help children understand and honor diversability, a powerful word that many propose to replace the less-powerful “disability.”

With their trademark sensitivity to important topics and their unique blend of humor and truth-telling, the Bierkos offer students and teachers ways to think and act when they meet people with diversabilities.

Celebrate Diversability gives children real advice, including:

  • Be open and friendly to EVERYONE in school
  • We sing “There are so many ways to be smart”, so be curious to discover what’s special about EVERYONE
  • Always ask “do you need help?” before helping EVERYONE

This program is ideal for any school wishing to promote sensitivity to differences and create inclusion.


Beginning in 2020, most of Beth & Scott’s concert and workshop programs are now available as online, interactive programs!

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