Concierto de la Fiesta!

Concierto de la Fiesta

Beth & Scott present a bi-lingual Celebration of Songs from South of the Border!

Concierto de la Fiesta is the ideal program for schools interested in providing an assembly rich with songs and stories from Mexico, our neighbors and our friends. This is an assembly that’s joyous and fun and highlights some of what makes the Mexican people a welcome addition to the American landscape.

Why now?

The USA is quickly becoming a melting pot of races. As the percentage of Latino families increases in our community, Beth and Scott feel that it’s important that to provide Spanish-speaking children a sense that they are welcome and, indeed, celebrated. This changing demographic also provides an excellent opportunity for others to appreciate the culture and character of our Mexican-American friends.

It’s win-win!


Beginning in 2020, most of Beth & Scott’s concert and workshop programs are now available as online, interactive programs!

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