Online Concerts

6 Reasons For Online Concerts

  • Easily schedule a new live concert or workshop by contacting us OR join with another organization that's already booked one (see bottom of page)
  • All of the joys of a live concert or workshop with the convenience of it being delivered straight to your classroom, library or home via Smartboard, computer, tablet, etc. See a sample on Beth & Scott TV
  • Schools Save Time: No Busing, Lost Classroom Time or Setup for Your Custodians!. Plus, no need to relocate or miss P.E. or band practice!
  • Excellent for schools and libraries in rural locations with reduced budgets!
  • You share the date with up to 5 other locations, so everyone pays less!
  • Time for Questions and Answers with the Performer!
  • Pay once and multiple classrooms or families can view the same performance!
  • Less expensive than an in-person performance!
  • Workshops are highly-focused and collaborative, so the participation and learning is often better online

How it Works

  • See a sample on Beth & Scott TV
  • Contact us to schedule your Live Concert or Workshop 
  • You will receive a URL and unique password with your invoice or contract.
  • 5 minutes before showtime, have your teachers or families go to our live page and enter your unique password.
  • During Live Concerts, children will be invited to move, sing along and engage in other interactive activities. During Workshops, everyone will receive ample time to participate.
  • For a Replay, you will receive a code to view a Live Concert
  • Pay for your program and book the next one!


“My fourth graders were having some trouble focusing on good behavior. Beth & Scott made it "cool" to be kind and offered up a lot of strategies I can use as a teacher with my classes.”

A.G. Plainview, NY

“{Online or in-person} Beth and Scott are master teachers. I don't know how they do it, but they seem to sense the needs of children and connect with them on their level. I love watching them perform, but I like them even more for how they honor my kids.”

C.B. Congers, NY

“Beth and Scott belong on Broadway! Seriously - these guys have amazing talent and every school should have them every year.”

W.H. New York, NY

“My teachers always said ‘Beth & Scott should have their own TV show.’ Now that you have online concerts, I am hoping that our school can have you guys more frequently. Providence loves Beth and Scott!”

P.F. Providence, RI

“When Beth & Scott come into your building, they become part of the community.”

M.W. Oceanside, NY

“Beth & Scott have so many different shows. That enables our HSA to have them back every year and get a totally new show each time. Our guidance counselor was smiling from ear to ear during their show. They hit on all the social emotional learning lessons that she teaches our students.”

B.Q. Cleveland, OH


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  • MIndfulness Matters
  • October 30, 2020 | 2:15PM
  • Coping with stress, learning about focus and being kind
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