Great source for songs! CMN connects people who celebrate the positive power of music in children’s lives by exchanging ideas, visions and music. We love to attend their annual conferences and participate in the online digest of ideas and conversations amongst members. If you’re a teacher that believes in the power of music to help children, you should become a member of CMN.

More Links for Teachers:

  • Teaching Tolerance – Tips and tools to fight bigotry and build diverse communities.
  • Music for All – This is a great site for anyone seeking to learn what’s current in the fight to sustain and grow arts in our schools. Lots of advocacy ideas, too!
  • Peter Alsop – We met Peter when he gave a fantastic keynote presentation in North Carolina. If you are looking for a great presenter, superb recordings or a person that knows how to combine a love for children with an off-beat sense of humor, Peter’s your guy!



If you’re looking for more great music for your children, we can personally recommend our friend, Lou DelBianco. We met Lou many moons ago and we’ve remained friends and fans over the years. His CDs are wonderful and they’re produced by  the brilliant and talented, Marshall Toppo, who also produced our CD, “Happy Holidays Around the World”. Our favorite CD is “A Little Bit Clumsy”.

More Links for Parents:

  • Common Sense Media – A source of reviews for Movies, TV, Games, Music, Web Sites and Books for children.
  • CD Baby This is our preferred source for downloads and CDs of independent musicians, including children’s artists.



Don’t have a medical school degree? Don’t worry! Just visit this site where anyone can experience what it’s like to do knee-replacement surgery. We like this site because it demonstrates the interactive potential for learning on computers and the power of simple animation. Our kids, Stephanie (7) and Helen (12), both liked the site, but even Beth & Scott were a little freaked out by the optional photos of an actual surgery.

More Links for Kids:



  • Guitar Repair and More Scott MacDonald is our “go-to” guy for top-notch repair of our stringed instruments. He’s also a luthier with lots of experience designing custom guitars.

More Links for Musicians & Independent Artists:

  • Need a Producer, a Bassist, a Mensch? We recommend Marshall Toppo. You can call him at (914) 939-5984 or email him at
  • Strings and Beyond
  – Great place for strings
  • Musical Gear and Two great sources to shop, compare and receive excellent service.
  • Graphic Design and Headshot Photography
  • Vocal Training or Vocal Problems? We recommend Janet Graves-Wright. Contact her at or (914) 633-9316
  • Webwork. Rachel Pianka became our tech-savvy guru of choice when it came time to upgrade our sites to WordPress.