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Enhancing the Mind-Body-Emotion Connection!

We all know that the rising expectations for students demands that they spend a lot of time in their seats. According to one leading health expert, “sitting is the new smoking”. If schools want to maximize learning and enhance student attentiveness, then they must pay attention to the simple fact that young bodies and minds work in tandem.

The body can function as an anchor for thought. We learn best when we integrate our whole body, our mind and our emotions in the present moment.


Through a series of collaborative dances, yoga postures and individual and group movement activities, Let Your Yoga Dance (LYYD) teach skills that will enhance joy, creativity, focus, leadership and team building. Utilizing the latest findings in brain research and the connections between music, movement and emotions, students explore the many ways their bodies can move and receive a great workout in the process!

Let Your Yoga Dance – It’s like Zumba Meets Yoga – and Kids Love it!

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A forty-five minute LYYD workshop features a variety of musical genres and tempos to help students expand both their musicality and express it in their bodies.

As an option, the content of the workshop can be customized to reinforce your curriculum goals, such as: periods of history; modern eras (50’s, 60’s, etc); math and science concepts; or exposing students to diverse cultures. LYYD is an ideal platform to teach lessons in character education like anti-bullying, responsibility and respect!


The class is taught by Beth Bierko, a certified LYYD instructor and Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She is also the Director of The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

To arrange a booking or contact us for more information, click here or call (800) 364-5381.

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